Strength Lies Within

Reap & Glow™ was born out of Flora Reserve™, a team of plant biologists and clean beauty innovators proudly advancing botanical skincare science.  We believe that strength lies within plants and have discovered Advanced Phyto-Extracts which powerfully protect, nourish and rejuvenate the skin. In 3rd party tests, our extracts outperform other leading skincare ingredients for unprecedented best-in-class performance.



    A plant Biologist and ingredient innovator, Jeff has spent 26 years developing and growing award-winning nutrition and beauty product technologies. He led the early growth of the Emergen-C brand prior to creating a number of skincare natural actives and brands. Jeff’s innovations have received numerous recognitions including Marie Claire’s Prix D’Excellence, IFT Innovation Award and QVC’s Rising Star Brand Award. Jeff holds a degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from Princeton University and is a co-inventor of 16 patented or patent-pending technologies.



    Maria is a Clinical Specialist and has over 15 years experience working in both human and animal health industries. She is dedicated to learning, developing and sharing innovative technologies that help improve overall health & wellness. Maria holds a degree in Microbiology from Miami University of Ohio.



    Angella is a 15+ years experienced Formulation Chemist and recognized expert in the clean beauty space. She has deep experience formulating with leading edge botanical actives and has led product innovation for several clean beauty and global brands. Anglella holds a degree in Chemistry from University of California Davis.


So That Everyone Wins

We look to the incredible array of powerful compounds within plants for untapped and remarkable skincare benefits. Our mission is to responsibly develop and share the most beneficial of these advanced extracts so that everyone benefits, from our farming families to our valued customers.

Fundamental to this mission is our commitment to fact-based sustainable cultivation and to the care for the ecosystems and workers that supply our ingredients. A portion of every sale goes directly back to support education, health care and equitable income development as well as other wonderful environmental causes.

Reaping unprecedented skincare benefits while supporting the source. We call it simply Everyone Wins.

  • Cloud Forest Organics is a remarkable reforestation and conservation project located in the beautiful Andean Amazon of Ecuador, an area known as the Cloud Forest.  Visionary Ecologists have gently restored a wonderful array of once native trees & flowers to land stripped over decades by cattle ranching.  As the forest is restored, many animal species have reappeared and new fruits and vegetables are selectively wild harvested.  We’re so excited to partner with this ground-breaking pilot study for the entire world – hope is not lost!

  • ​We proudly support SOS Children’s Village India, providing comprehensive health, psychological and educational care and services for 35,000 children without parental care or otherwise at risk in 32 SOS Children’s Villages – in the area where our C-Cos™ Amla Berry grows as well as a total of 22 states throughout India.  


Exclusive & Best-in-Class Advanced Phyto-Extracts

Novel botanical complexes with best-in-class performance when tested against leading skin actives…exclusively available in Reap & Glow™!

Combined 55+ Years Botanical & Formula Innovation Expertise

Created by deeply experienced & award-winning Plant Actives Biologist and Health Microbiologist with an expert clean beauty Formulation Chemist.

"First Source” Sustainable

We partner directly with innovative botanical farms to develop & sustainably cultivate our exclusive Advanced Phyto-Extracts.

Science First Formulas

Built on innovative, clinically proven and multi-benefit actives delivered at effective concentrations – without compromise.

Unprecedented 7 Day Results

Visible results shown in studies in just 7 days.


The power of Advanced Phyto-Extracts – without compromise.

  • Advanced Phyto-Extracts at clinically effective concentrations.
  • Hypoallergenic & Dermatologist Tested.
  • Formulated for all skin types.
  • Vegan & Cruelty-free.
  • Non-GMO ingredients.
  • Free of parabens, phthalates, triclosan and sulfates.


Every Reap & Glow™ formula is backed by industry standard 3rd party testing, safety and sensitivity testing including repeat insulting patch testing, Dermatologist testing, preservative effectiveness and stability testing.

In addition, our formulas and active ingredient technologies are supported by extensive 3rd party efficacy & benefit studies, including:

  • In vitro lab-based testing.
  • Human clinical trials with instrument measured results.
  • At-home use testing.
  • Antioxidant efficacy tests.


We believe that care for the workers, ecosystems and land that provide our remarkable botanicals is our fundamental responsibility.
We’re proud to partner with innovative growers who share this commitment.

  • Upcycled Innovation

    From the traditionally discarded Naox® Derma Coffee Fruit to our renewably wild harvested C-Cos™ Amla berry.

  • Reduced Carbon Footprint

    74% solar powered C-Cos™ and Turmeric extractors and 100% chemical-free Naox® Derma fruit concentration.

  • Recycled Materials Packaging

    Our Cleanser tubes are made with 50% PCR (post consumer recycled) plastic and all boxes are made with 100% FSC certified paper.

  • End of Use Recyclability

    100% recyclable plastic tubes, glass bottles, jars, caps and boxes.

  • Environmental Cause Support

    Proudly 1% For The Planet member, though with your support we’re committing to giving more to worthy causes.