Our first-of-its-kind blend of 3 powerful Ayurvedic Phyto-Extracts designed to balance, protect & rejuvenate for your most youthful, glowing skin.

1. Foundation & Balance

Ashwagandha Root Extract – a potent nutritional adoptogen, helps soothe and balance skin biome

2. Build & Protect

C-Cos™ Patented Amla-C Complex– A natural Vitamin C + Ellagic Acid complex shown to firm, moisturize and reduce age & UV spots.

3. Visible Rejuvenation

Novel Peptide-Rich Turmeric – rich in peptides, omegas & other skin health nutrients; brightens, smoothes & helps reduce fine lines & wrinkles.


Patented Amla-C Extract

C-Cos™ is a first ever Vitamin C + Ellagic Acid complex clinically proven to increase skin firmness, elasticity & hydration while reducing wrinkles and age spots.

Derived from wild harvested Ayurvedic Amla Berry

Sample Clinical Results

  • 36% Instrument measured increase in skin firmness
  • 33% Instrument measured increase in skin hydration
  • 96% of subjects experienced visibly improved skin discoloration appearance

The Remarkable Source

The nutrient-packed Amla Berry is one of the most important plants in traditional Ayurveda, having been safely used for thousands of years.

Our wonderful partners Arjuna Natural sustainably wild harvest the Amla berry source of C-Cos™ in India and extract the powerful complex using a clean and solvent-free process. 74% of the extractor power is from solar energy, one of their many long-time sustainable practices.

* 3rd party clinical trial photography using VISIA-controlled parameters.


Naox® Derma Triple Antioxidant Concentrate

The unparalleled nourishing & protective Coffee Fruit Concentrate

This patented innovation is composed of 100% pure arabica fruit – nothing is added or taken away.

Packed with 3 potent polyphenols and shown to powerfully protect against environmental aging factors, outperforming other leading skincare antioxidants.

The Challenge

On the Colombian hillsides is cultivated the arabica coffee bean, one of the world’s most cherished varieties. Historically the coffee cherry fruit, though rich in antioxidants and other nutrients, was discarded and had become an increasing environmental threat to the 2nd most biodiverse nation on Earth. This and other economic factors have led to the displacement of traditional farming families.

The Upcycled Innovation

In 2008 our partners founded Sanam to cultivate a sustainable solution that benefited health through the nourishing power of the coffee fruit while providing sustained income to farming families. They identified a potent blend of 3 antioxidants and developed a patented, clean process to concentrate the triple antioxidants. Naox® Derma is produced via this patented method which 100% maintains the fruit’s biological integrity – nothing is added or taken away.


Naox® Derma Coffee Fruit Cleanser

In 7 days*

  • 96% reported that Cleanser gently yet effectively cleanses my skin.
  • 93% reported that skin felt soft and nourished.

In 21 days*

  • 92% reported it effectively cleanses without over-stripping or drying skin.
  • 92% rated it as one of the most gentle yet effective Cleansers they’ve ever tried.
  • 85% rated as THE BEST Cleanser they have every tried.

* 3rd party 21 day study of multi-ethnic panel of women, ages 33-59.